A Selection Of My Alice Cooper

A Selection Of My Alice Cooper Collection.

As you are aware I collect Alice Cooper tour programmes but I also have collected other Alice Cooper memorabilia. Here are just a few of my more interesting items.
Signed By All Five Members Of Alice Cooper, A Personal Cheque From Glen Buxton, GB.

Created by Darren Wirth South Australia 28.11.2004
Updated 30th August 2008
All images are from my personal collection of Alice Cooper Tour Programs or otherwise noted. This work is for information only to assist fans interested in collecting Alice Cooper related tour programs. No profit or gain is made from this website.

Muscle Of Love Cd And Killer Session Outtake

"Me Alice", Signed by Alice 2001

This is a personal cheque from the Late and Great Glen Buxton to his dentist. I personally like the "Dental Stuff" written on the check. That seems real GB to me.  It has also been signed by Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith. I purchased the cheque from Glen's sister Janice with the proceeds going to the Glen Buxton Memorial Fund.

I had the cheque framed and added the Australian release of the Love It To Death LP cover with Alice's thumb. The letter is a special note of explanation about the cheque by Janice Buxton.

The Muscle Of Love Cd  was signed by Alice Cooper, Micheal Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Mick Mashbir. This cd was purchased from Bryan Erickson and it is featured in the book by Dale Sherman, "The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Alice Cooper" on page 58.  Mick Mashbir's signature was added after the publishing of the book.

The Photograph was signed by Michael Bruce and Dennis Dunaway at the Chiller Show in NJ in 1998 and I sent the photo to Neal Smith for his signature later. The shot is an outtake from the Killer Session and has also shown up within the pages of the Killer Tour programmes.
I bought this copy of "Me Alice" for $45.00 Australian dollars the day Alice appeared for a signing in Adelaide, South Australia 18th April 2001.  It was the day before his Brutal Planet show at the Entertainment Centre 19th April 2001.
I soon met Alice and handed the book to him for his signature and he looked up, smiled and said,

"Don't read this its TRASH".
Signed Muscle of Love CD Alice Cooper

My daughter Emily getting her shirt signed by Alice with my late wife Cathy and myself looking on.  Brian "Renfield" Nelson is getting my copy of "Me Alice" ready for signing. 18th April 2001
Glen Buxton personal check

"Me & GB, Phoenix & GB, Pretty & Easy, Love Em to Death" Books
These four books have been produced by Paul Brenton for the Glen Buxton Memorial Weekends. They were produced in limited numbers and they are all numbered and  signed by Paul.
Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend books
This Trash tour program has been signed by the band members for Alice's Trashes The World Tour 1990,
Al Pitrelli, Eric Singer (on the rear cover), Derek Sherinian, Pete Freezin and Tommy 'T-Bone' Carradonna.
Signed "Trash" Tour Program

Trash tour program signed by the band
Trash program signed Eric Singer
This Nightmare Returns tour program has been signed by Alice and band members,  Kane Roberts and Kip Winger for the Nightmare Returns Tour of 1986.

Signed "Nightmare Returns" Tour Program 1986

Nightmare Returns Tour Program signed
Signed Alice Cooper and Kane Roberts
Handwritten Lyrics, Little by Little Alice Cooper

Handwritten Draft Lyrics For "The Hey Stoopid" Track "Little By Little"

This is the original handwritten draft for the song 'Little By Little'. The lyrics were written by Alice whilst he was on a train in New York circa 1990. It was during the time of the production of Alice's 1991 release 'Hey Stoopid' . It is a one page draft and the lyrics are quite different from the final released version as can be clearly seen.

Brian Nelson commented that these lyrics are quite neat for Alice with minimal corrective marks or re-wording.

Alice Cooper and John Lennon Circa 1974
Signed by Alice in 2006

These two 10x8 inch photographs were taken from the original negatives of Alice Cooper and John Lennon circa 1974.

The photograph with Alice and John was featured in the book from the cd set "The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper."  The photograph of Alice, John and Cindy Lang has never been published before.

They were both signed by Alice in Phoenix AZ during Alice's concert tour with the Rolling Stones in 2006 and both were purchased on eBay from aliceauctions.
Alice Cooper and John Lennon
Cindy Lang, Alice Cooper and John Lennon

"Some Of My Favourite Alice Photographs "
I asked Alice to sign some photos from Alice whilst attending his VIP meet 'n' greet 29.08.2009 and a photo of Alice's warm welcome for me.